Exceptional Leadership


12 Month Exceptional Leadership Programs is targeted at Senior Executive, people of Influence and Business Owners READY to achieve "Exceptional Self Mastery"! 

Not for the faint-hearted, but definitely for those primed for NEXT-LEVEL peak performance!

Exceptional leadership comes from committed individuals willing to Unearth, Conquer and Champion into who you truly deserve to be, both personally and professionally. Exceptional Leadership results come from committed individuals willing to "be exceptional" in all that they do! Is it time to UNEARTH the gold, CONQUER the unachievable and CHAMPION your exceptionality both personally and professionally!



Keynote Speaking


There are keynote speakers who entertain, some who educate, and others who inform. Pjero Mardesic TRANSFORMS!

Pjero Mardesic captures attention, gaining the hearts and minds of audiences with a message that has an impact long after the event ends.



Exceptional Relationship


In the research I have conducted many relationships fit into 3 categories: (1) Existence (2) Hurting (3) Just OK…

But what if your relationship could be EXCEPTIONAL? Many couples do not even know what an ‘Exceptional Relationship’, looks like, until now!

So an opportunity exists today for couples ready to:

STOP being a fringe dweller tolerating an “OK” relationship and face the uncomfortable. Through this program, I help you make what’s not ok to talk about, OK to talk about! Providing a safe space, free from judgement, a neutral environment, in order to give you and your partner what I believe are the tools to create an ‘EXCEPTIONAL Relationship’, far beyond what you ever thought possible!



Sales Psychology 


A key area of speciality Pjero championed involved the psychology of sales within these sectors, why, because he knew if he was able to contribute to the psychological shifts required mindset wise this would create an environment of cultural awareness and exceptional results.   So one of Pjero Mardesic's primary service offerings is ‘Sales Psychology Workshops’, for those sales professionals and organisations wanting to transcend their bottom line results!