The Boy behind The Man - Derek Jameson

Episode #8

Welcome to another episode of the boy behind the man my special guest today is Derek Jameson.

Derek has been through some struggles and adversity isn't even some addictions in his youth he talks about this through his childhood and through the stories in this podcast please be aware that this is vulnerable information and also it is special to Derek because it has moulded him to who he is today.

Derek has used these struggles adversities and addictions to become the beautiful man that he is today appearing in such TV shows as, MTV, whose line is it anyway?, Greys anatomy, queer eye for the straight guy, ABC the taste, Netflix soundtrack, godless and the Queens gambit, radio Disney.

Some of Derek studies include sociology bachelors degree metaphysical science anthropology general studies quantum healing Hypnosis technique qualified past life regression certified life coach law of attraction coach and numerology.

Derek is beginning to be a wonderful friend to me I truly appreciate his time that he has taken to do this episode with me and I really hope that you enjoy it don't forget to subscribe like rate and review thank you.


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