The Boy behind The Man - Corey Gaidzionis

Episode #9

Corey Gaidzionis

Helping men achieve balance and connection across all aspects of life. Through truth, challenge and connection. Program facilitation for fathers Rites of passage for family and teens.

Corey has become a specialist in the field of Rites of Passage, He trained with The Rites of Passage Institute to become a facilitator in these programs and over the past 3 years has worked with hundreds of young men through in-school and camp experiences on what it looks like to step into adulthood as a healthy man with Adventure works and through his own organisation Side by Side.

Corey's experience in business management gives him a unique insight into the pressures associated with these roles and how they can consume a person's life, He provides strategies within the structure of the working day to help men find space to create balance in their lives across the following areas, wealth, family, health, friends and how to keep their own cup fill. Life is busier than ever, however it does not need to be that way.

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