Conquer The Uncomfortable 

Unleash Your Potential


Pjero Mardesic goes behind the veil and shares his raw and honest account of the journey from 'The Boy To The Man’.  He shares authentically for purpose of inspiring others to do the same. He conquers the uncomfortable to unleash his own potential!  He opens up and admits to the default life he kept hidden for years – the trade-off, safety or being ‘found out’.

Pjero focuses on what he believes are the roadblocks to ‘unleashing our potential’, helping you open up to the willingness to learn skills and tools to breakthrough negativity, anxiety, overthinking and ultimately experiencing.

‘FREEDOM not only from addiction, but from the life that addiction denies’.

This Book outlines how we continuously choose the familiar route to stay in our comfort zone and yet the real growth and potential comes from consciously being aware of noticing the UNFAMILIAR route of discomfort and embracing it with certainty!

Discover how Pjero overcomes his addictions, integrated new learnings, and evolved into an exceptional leader, father, son, businessman, bold podcaster, serial entrepreneur that he is today. 

In this book, you’re invited to take that journey with him.