"I started seeing Pjero for his wellness and development program after a friend found him at a conference and started his program.

I was extremely hesitant at first as I had previously seen multiple counselors and they had never really seemed to help. I am so glad I finally made that leap!

I was struggling with building relationships with my stepdaughters, and as a result, my marriage was also struggling.

Pjero helped me dive into me, find the roots of my triggers as well as ways to combat my triggers, and most importantly, how to start putting me first.

After working through some of my own personal struggles and finding my strength again, I was able to talk to my husband and got him to agree to taking Pjero's relationship coaching course.

Our journey to an exceptional relationship was not an easy one, and it is still something we have to work on each and every day, but without Pjero's guidance, love, and continued support (even a year later), we would have been another tick on the divorce statistic board. Here we are a year later after ending his program, loving each other and supporting each other through one of the toughest struggles we have been faced with; complete rejection from his children.

Had we not gone through these courses with Pjero, our same patterns of self-blame would have taken hold leading us both into our typical patterns of depression. Instead, we have been able to hold our heads high through our struggle and constantly remind ourselves that we always "did the best we could with our current level of knowledge at the time" and that the girls are "on their own journey". All we can do is hope that they find their own healing someday.

I can't thank you enough, Pjero, for the gifts you have given me. You will forever hold a place in my heart, regardless of where our journey's take us!"