From Typical to Exceptional Sales


Sales Psychology online course


Pjero Mardesic has spent the last 2 decades in various leadership roles within a multitude of industry sectors namely Telecommunications, Finance, Human Resources, Recruitment, Personal Training, Automobile, Construction, Real Estate. During this time he heavily invested into his own personal and professional development spanning 2 decades – an extensive study into addiction, counselling, mentoring, sales psychology, mindset, behavioural change, coping mechanisms, culture, & personal development. 

A key area of speciality Pjero championed involved the psychology of sales within these sectors, why, because he knew if he was able to contribute to the psychological shifts required mindset wise this would create an environment of cultural awareness and exceptional results.

As a result, Pjero created the Sales Psychology Genius Model, "15 principles for producing ‘Exceptional Sales Results".  Pjero is passionate about working with conscious organisations ready to transform their KPI sales culture.  Pjero Mardesic offers organisations interested in next-level sales performance the opportunity to attend a 1 day Sales Psychology Workshop with a 12 week Follow Through Integration Program.


  The Workshop & Follow Through program cover the 15 Principles as outlined below:


Three Core Pillars:

Pillar #1 – Exceptional Registration Process – You will learn how to master the art of defining an exceptional registration/closing process.

Pillar #2 – Exceptional Product Knowledge - You will learn how to articulate your product knowledge with supreme effectiveness that makes an impact.

Pillar #3 – Exceptional Customer Experience - You will learn how to create the ultimate client experience with lasting effects.


Business Fundamentals:

Fundamental #1 – Growth – You will learn how to unearth what is hindering your growth to then build a growth strategy that accelerates performance.

Theme – Staff Retention – You will learn how to retain the right staff with the right skill base with the right attitude.

Theme – Productivity – You will learn how to manage your processes/systems, reflect, adapt and evolve with greater returns of production.

Theme – Influence – You will learn the art of seduction in sales to emotionally influence more prospects.


Fundamental #2 – Sales - You will learn how to transform the sales DNA of your sales team to achieve exceptional sales results.

Theme – Results - You will learn how to implement an empowered Sales KPI Culture that finally performs to an elite standard.

Theme – Cashflow - You will learn how to shift the psychological scarcity paradigms that are in existence that are hindering the flow of cash through your doors.

Theme – Bottomline - You will learn to honour the bottom-line results that you set and stop giving it lip service.


Fundamental #3 – Brand - You will learn to understand the power of brand and use it in a way that completely transcends your sales results.  This will set you aside from others!

Theme – Culture - You will learn how to build an exceptional sales culture that not only respects the art of conversation but also exceeds sales expectations.

Theme – Reputation - You will learn how to build a reputation where you earn respect from the marketplace/industry sectors you specialise.

Theme – Market Share - You will learn how to command a greater market share as a result of changing the narrative of how you occur in the marketplace.


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