Create new habits in just 7 Days!

Everybody knows it takes over 21 days to create a new habit!

It always comes down to the amount you repeat the process. This journal stimulates your mind up to 21x on each page. 


Tanya Say's

"I use the daily quotes to push me through my day, even if I had a bad day I use these as a way to learn from my day."

Kurt Say's

"Helping me look for little happy things. e.g. Took the dog for a walk and had fun, or listening to music in the car and the song was good and made me feel happy."
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Build Resilience

Bounce forward learning from your past to create daily resilience for 365 days

Turn on your RAS

Continuous positive thoughts activate your reticular activating system.

Create Happiness

Thinking positive provokes feeling positive, which elaborates positive behaviour 

The only journal you’ll ever need!

2020 has taught us so much about ourselves NOW is the time to grow even stronger, activating your (RAS - Reticular activating system) Internal human antenna daily with this empowering journal.


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