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His personal brand of storytelling resonates with all types of audiences, revealing not only his expertise, but the passion for the subject he speaks about. Audience evaluations consistently rate his presentations as exceptional and life-altering!

Your audiences are left in no doubt as to his message and the diļ¬€erence it can make in their lives. You will see Pjero building a close rapport with your audience using his innovative and refreshing approach to keynote speaking, and sharing h unbelievable journey.

Pjero focuses on what he believes are the roadblocks to ‘unleashing our potential’, helping you open up to the willingness to learn skills and tools to breakthrough negativity, anxiety, overthinking and ultimately experiencing ‘FREEDOM not only from addiction but from the life that addiction denies’

Pjero’s presentations have been described as remarkable, inspirational, unique, profound and memorable. Pjero’s quite a thought-provoking speaker, so get ready to be empowered, inspired and moved!

Pjero can customise his keynote presentations for any demographic interested in leading edge human performance, mindset mastery & how to live and lead an ‘exceptional life’ personally and professionally!


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