1 Day Leadership Masterclass 

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1 Day Leadership Masterclass


The word ‘exceptional’ means:  Unusual, not typical and this is exactly what the 1 Day Leadership Masterclasses are all about.  Not your run-of-the-mill workshops but a highly interactive day which is bespoke in nature, customise designed to the specific challenges facing said ‘senior executive leadership team’.  A preparatory questionnaire is tabled to the executive in advance of the masterclass capturing the essence of the issues and challenges that are being experienced.  Upon receipt of the feedback the day is customise designed with a mix of live coaching, live mentoring, and teachings unique to the ‘Pjero Mardesic Exceptional Leadership’ curriculum.

As an added value add, Pjero makes himself available in the breaks for 10 min breakout sessions, the morning, at lunchtime and in the afternoon for any private one-to-one sessions.  A schedule is tabled at the start of the day and any of the executives can put their name down to get private coaching/mentoring with Pjero directly.  These 10 minute mini breakout sessions are intentional, robust, and highly engaging with the full focus on providing immediate breakthroughs with ANYTHING that you are dealing with personally or professionally.

The coaching/mentoring provided is wholistic in nature for who you are in business has a lot to do with how you operate personally.  Business after all is personal!  So anything goes, both in the masterclass as well as in the private sessions.

If you want to propel your organisation and senior executive team to new heights in 2021 then serious consideration needs to be given to this masterclass.